Key Emulator Nissan/Infiniti

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Key Emulator Nissan/Infiniti


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Key Emulator Nissan/Infiniti (2010 – 2021) & Mercedes X-class

This is a simple and easy-to-use code grabber that replaces several themed devices. It is an emulator for keyless entry systems.
Developed on the basis of the Bluetooth Audio Adapter – visually it has no differences, no cables, antennas or any other external modifications. This Code Grabber is the smallest and most compact device that has no analogues on the market.
The codegrabber emulator allows you to open and start a car with a keyless access system without any preliminary preparations. The device independently diagnoses and emulates a native smart key in a matter of seconds, becoming its clone, which allows you to open the car, start the engine and make a move.

  • 10 memory locations
  • Generates an original key at the signal of the car door handle
  • Fully emulates the work of the original key
  • Key calculation time from 20 seconds to 5 minutes
  • Allows you to open / close and start the car at any time
  • The device does not break the original key
  • The perfect solution for all lost keys

Principle of operation:
Just walk up to the car door, touch or press the button on the keyless entry handle
the device records the signal from the car and within 10 seconds to 2 minutes selects the desired key, completely duplicating the native one.
The key can be stored in the instrument’s memory.
Open, close, start and go at any time.

Список поддержки:
Qx80 to now
Qx56, Armada
Q70 2013—2019
M 2010—2013
Juke YF15 1gen, 1gen fl (-2019)
Leaf ZE0 1gen (2009—2017)
Micra K13 (2010—2017)
Note E12 2gen (-2016), 2gen fl (-2020)?
Navara D23 (2014-now)
Mb x class (2017 – 2020)


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