How to Stay Safe

If someone asks to be paid in a very non-standard way, don’t do it


Locozuna voicemails” – Any message asking you to access or check “locozuna voicemails” or “locozuna voice messages” is fraudulent – no such service exists.

Deal locally, face-to-face —follow this one rule and avoid 99% of scam attempts.

Do not provide payment to anyone you have not met in person.

Beware offers involving shipping – deal with locals you can meet in person

Don’t accept cashier/certified checks or money orders – banks cash fakes, then hold you responsible.

Never give out financial info (bank account, social security, paypal account, etc)..

Never wire funds (e.g. Western Union) – anyone who asks you to is a scammer.

Transactions are between users only, no third party provides a “guarantee”.

Do not rent or purchase sight-unseen—that amazing “deal” may not exist.

Refuse background/credit checks until you have met landlord/employer in person.


Scammers are getting increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to get your money or personal details. Be alert and protect yourself from being scammed 

  • Don’t send money to someone you haven’t met in person
  • through Western Union or MoneyGram
  • through wire transfer

There is no service provided , that “holds the payment until the item was shipped”. There are escrow services out there, but scammers sometimes pretend to be one, so you should research an escrow service and its reputation before using one.
locozuna does not provide a “Bill of Sale” or any other transaction assistance.

Never buy an animal that you haven’t seen in the flesh

Always verify who you are buying from

Never wire funds for a deposit without having met the seller

Always ensure that you get receipts for any payments made

Always get all the appropriate paperwork

If someone tells you to pay to find a job, that’s a scam. Here are tips to protect you.

  • Don’t trust any scheme where you have to send money to someone
  • buy goods from some specific place
  • never send money with out meeting .
  • never send money applying for JOB 
  • never send money for criminal background checks

Scammers might go to an online  classified listing site and offer to buy an item for sale, pay for a service in advance, or rent an apartment. The odd thing is that they might send you a cashier’s check for an amount that is higher than your asking price. When you bring this to their attention, they will apologize for the oversight and ask you to quickly return the extra funds. The scammer’s motive is to get you to cash or deposit the check and send back legitimate money before you realize that the check you deposited is fake.

People who make up excuses for why they can’t meet in person and force you to make a decision quickly should be avoided, especially if shipping to a foreign nation or sometime local .

Never send or accept any payment before seeing the place and meeting the landlord.

try background Check the person renting the property is the owner by using the Land Registry

It’s £3 each to buy a copy of either the title register or title plan.

You might be able to find some information in the land and property information service without buying the title register or title plan, 


Change your password as soon as possible. If you’ve used the same password on any other accounts you should change it there too.

The UK Government has a good website on checks to complete before buying a used vehicle at , you can check the vehicle registration details at: .

Please use our CONTACT US if you receive a scam email, together with the user email address, or senders ID number and we will terminate their account.

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