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Struggling to do keyword research in a timely manner? With this guide, you’ll learn how to quickly and accurately find the perfect keywords for your business or website in as little as 5 minutes. Discover proven techniques that can help you easily identify profitable target terms, increase your reach, and boost search engine visibility.

Create a List of Topics.

Creating a list of topics and ideas that are related to your business or website is an essential first step in the keyword research process. Taking the time to brainstorm related concepts, services and topics can provide you with the groundwork for successful keyword research, as it will give you an understanding of how potential customers might search for your offering. Once you have your list of potential topics and keywords, use a keyword tool such as Google Keyword Planner to discover high-performing terms.

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Make Use Of Your Current Analytics Data.

One of the quickest ways to conduct keyword research is by utilizing the insight provided in your current analytics data. Tools like Google Analytics can provide you with a list of terms that people are already using to access and navigate your website, giving you an overview of which phrases are receiving positive engagement. This information is invaluable as it gives you a better understanding of how potential customers might term their online searches, while also saving you time in research since you will already have a list of popular keywords related to your site or business.

Utilize Autocomplete and Related Searches.

Utilizing autocomplete and related searches is a great way to quickly gain an understanding of how people are engaging with the topics you’re looking to optimize for. Autocomplete works by checking what phrases other people have been searching for related to your topic and providing a list of recommended terms that show up in the search engine’s database. Related searches also let you research phrases similar to those already provided, which can give you even more valuable insight into keyword popularity as well as discovering additional context or expanded term ideas.

Look For Reviews and Expert Opinions About Your Topic.

It doesn’t hurt to get a little help from the experts as you conduct your keyword research. Taking a few minutes to look up reviews or expert opinions surrounding various keywords can give you an idea of what people are saying and provide a better sense of the collective understanding of your topic. Consider user forums, professional blogs, and other online resources that can give you guidance on what terms inspire the most enthusiastic response from your target audience.

Check Out Competitors’ Keywords and Integrate Them Into Your Own Research

Looking at what other successful identified key phrases surrounding a certain topic is one of the most effective strategies for fast and efficient keyword discovery. By expanding your keyword search to include successful competitors, you’ll be able to incorporate already tested and proven terms into your own research. Utilizing competitive analysis, you can identify which keywords correlate with maximum success in terms of engagement, reader intent, and search results.